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After almost a year of reading about Taoism, it took only but a moment to fully live and absorb the idea of Wu-Wei (if at all that is possible).
It was on a rickety boat, over an uncomfortably rough sea. Looking for whales, across the endless waters, I had never felt that present ever before. Just the mere joy of being on the same waters as the creatures of my dreams outweighed the possibility of actually seeing them (which i did, eventually). Ever since that five hour boat ride, I've felt the invisible presence of a flow in my dailyThere's an unmatched sense of fulfilment in effortless action. As I continue to loosen my grip and live with the Tao, my thoughts, feelings and my undercurrents flow free. 
Like water.


If you're interested in knowing more about Taoism, here's some material that could help you grasp the essence of this beautiful philosophy:

Book : Tao, The Watercourse way

Introduction to Taosim:
Tea Time Taosim by George Thompson 
Youtube Playlist



{ I feel wu-wei in sculpture, a kind of meditative rhythm to which all my thoughts surrender. }



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