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'My Jaipur' is a term that appears rather frequently on social media. I can say now I'm not surprised at all. This kind of personal equation with the city compels one to refer to it so fondly. My Jaipur. For the last three years, we've had the good fortune of exploring jaipur, the length of our trips progressively increasing each time. Of course, being in the business of jewelry it was imperative for us to understand the manufacturing side of things but what jaipur gave us, we couldn't ever imagine.

It's certainly not love at first sight. The hustle of a city like jaipur can be quite unnerving but the more time we spent there, the more it grew on us and before we knew it, we were hooked. We have this thing where we keep a special bottle of wine for our next Jaipur trip and this time around we popped open a Médoc Bordeaux in the evening post work (Médoc in the Bordeaux region of France is known for its red wines). More on that later if you guys want? Anyway, something about that moment where both of us were overcome by a similar emotion. It almost felt like satiation of the soul. Such is the pull of Jaipur, we thought, no wonder creatives and dreamers from all over the world visit, and a good chunk of them never leave.

The sense of community, the dichotomy of modern design amidst forgotten worlds kept alive, the eagerness to please, the softness of spoken words. So drenched in its enigma, you feel you can never leave. Suffice to say our Jaipur chronicles will be an ongoing series but for now we only know of one thing for sure - our next trip will be longer than the previous one.







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