Who we are


HANNAN was named after our close association with one of our master craftsmen, Abdul Hannan. We worked with him in our initial years working on evening-wear garments that had metal beadwork. An unlikely bond between all of us inspired us to name our second brand, HANNAN, after him.

What HANNAN is

The HANNAN muse is comfortable with her dark side, a kind of undefined resonance that 
is impossible to resist. We’re inspired by the in-between-faraway galaxies, mystical creatures, parallel universes and our inability to fully fathom their existence.We aspire to push the boundaries of conventional design to create a brand that is beautifully quiet.HANNAN jewelry is inspired by memory, drawing from stories of the past. An amalgamation of one-of-a-kind charms in resin, metal, ceramic, and freshwater pearls with die cast metal lends a fresh new perspective to a craftsmanship that dates back centuries.


“HANNAN is so much more than just a brand for us. It’s a feeling.It’s a manifestation of our personal explorations into design stories that embody a sense of freedom which we both value, the freedom that we discovered on our journeys. Our design process is fluid-we’re as interested in what is real as we are in the completely unknown. As a result, every piece of jewelry at HANNAN is a coexistence of deeply felt emotions and fleeting moments with all of the surreal, imaginary worlds we build in our heads. It’s where our inner worlds meet the parallel worlds we dream of.”