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what makes you feel truly free

what makes you feel truly free

It’s been quite a run up until last week, when we released the first few glimpses of our new capsule LIGHTHOUSE. In some ways, it is the coming together of our journey thus far. Hannan, as an extension of us, has always been a manifestation of particular feelings - some evanescent, while others permanent. In that context, LIGHTHOUSE aims to portray a systemic shift in the way we interface with the world around us. For example, its not so much that we’re inspired by surfing, in fact, none of us has ever even attempted it. It is rather about the concept of surfing and what it signifies; a sense of freedom, being one with the mighty waters, and attaining effortless unison with technique. It’s not so much about watching whales as much as it is about what those majestic creatures represent - unity, empathy, gentleness. There is so much to take in, and so much to let go of. It is our hope, as we take you along this journey, that you get a little sense of what makes you feel truly free.

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