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Last few weeks have been quite interesting for me. I’d been planning to get my ear pierced for a while now and finally gave it a go a week before our trip to Australia. Growing up, I always had a couple of piercings - little did I know how things would come full circle years down the line. I have to admit, though, even though I had gone through the whole phase of piercings as a teenager, there were bouts of apprehensions this time around. Perhaps as they say, as you pile on the years of wisdom, the recklessness of youth cheers on from the sidelines. (I know, this did not have to hit home this hard)

So, I’m here to tell you that as a 34 year old, getting a piercing brings about the same sort of excitement it did years ago. Maybe even more so. It’s like getting a tattoo. It’s also a bit like getting married. You wake up each morning and it just feels different. Did you ever think someone could get so philosophical about an ear piercing?

Of course, I felt within a strong need for piercing my ears because in the three years of making jewelry, I never once had a chance of actually wearing one of our earrings. And I’m a materials guy. So when I finally got to the one week mark of removing the surgical stud, I felt like it was my birthday! I already knew what my first earring would be - if you’ve been journeying with us for a while, you know it had to be GARNETS. I’ve been obsessed with garnets - the deep red color, almost like vintage wine. Only truly visible once the light hits from an angle. Oh man, what a feeling! And it’s the feeling we’re always after here at HANNAN. For the first time, I truly understood how jewelry and self-expression go hand-in-hand. Next in line was my second favorite stone - CITRINES. And lastly, not leastly (unrecognized word), AMETHYSTS.

As we gear up for the launch of our fist even men’s edit - CRUISER, I’m glad I got to have this time with HANNAN. It’s like meeting an old friend after years of being in touch. Do you ever find yourself conversing with your jewelry?





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