There's a nerd living in my head and more often than my current self would expect, she makes her presence felt. She nudges me towards these silly tips and tricks and habits that serve my creative obsessions. One of the tips I haven't let go of since my days back at FIT is to save the last page of my journal for an idea/inspiration bank. The evolution of these lists deserves its own grand story but between all of the transformations and 'growth' are a few that stay. I'm talking inspirations from travel, feelings, deep dark feelings, philosophies, things, other worlds, inner worlds or the muscle structure of horses. 

Typically in the grind of the daily, these lists do come to life but in a rather convenient way. A few nights of research, collages, mood boards and a few rushed words come together in haste to develop yet another last-minute edit. It's all good in the end when numbers roll, the factory production is at its max and we're all 'busy'. But GOOD doesn't cut it. Numbers don't tickle my fascination, much to Rishi's worry. We need to be drenched in inspiration. Primary inspiration. All senses involved, memories from other lives evoked, goosebumps, all of it. 

So this time we decided to go all out. We cleared space for a mental environment soaked in our inspiration. And this inexplicable connectedness of inner worlds with reality took us to Ladakh.


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